Carrie Underwood’s Son Cutely Sings Along ‘Jesus Loves Me’

The winner of American Idol’s 4th season, Carrie Underwood, is still making headlines. …But not this time. This time, her 2-year-old son takes the spotlight in this Instagram post that has been viewed over 1.3 million times since it was posted! Carrie’s son, Isaiah, sings along with his mom as she repeats the main chorus line […]

Singing 4-Year-Old With Blood Disorder Will Uplift Your Spirit

Four-year-old, Leah Carroll, may be going through one of the toughest times of her short life but that isn’t stopping her positive spirit. The toddler has gone viral in the last two weeks after a video of her singing to Christian artist, Mandisa’s song, “Overcomer,” was posted on a Facebook page dedication to support Leah. […]

Ex-Homeless Man Shares Testimony Of How God Freed Him

Ted Williams was another homeless man struggling on the streets but with an interesting past. He was a former radio announcer and as he was begging on the streets, he had held up a sign asking people who acknowledged his unique voice to help him get back on his feet. Thanks to a viral video, […]

Waiter Tears Up After Customer Gifts Him With Generous Tip

Newsflare recently posted a video of a customer tipping his server an amazingly generous tip. The diner saw that his waiter was having a rough day and later said that God had told him to “sow in into the waiter’s light.” In the end, the total tip the waiter received was $300 and that was […]

The Day A Viral Video Helped Me Decide to Reject Religion

About 5 years ago, I was rediscovering what God’s grace really was and how it was supposed to be relevant in my life. I questioned if grace was not just meant to get us out of hell and into heaven one day when we die, then how was it actually meant to be for my life on earth? […]

What Happens During This Prayer May Shock You

Christmas is a time for joy! …that’s exactly what this Christmas Eve service speaker was thanking God for in his prayer when something happened behind him that is simply #cringeworthy. Though the incident will bring us much laughter (even tears), you’ve simply got to feel for the man behind responsible for this boo-boo. This video […]

Church Parodies Justin Timberlake’s Hit For Christmas

Lutheran Church of Hope from Iowa, US, had a very interesting way of promoting their Christmas Eve service. Staff and volunteers from the church came together to perform a parody of Justin Timberlake’s hit, ‘Can’t Stop The Feeling.’ The title of their parody was simply titled, “Christmas is Coming!” and it has gotten over 100,000 […]

Kids’ Version of Christmas Story Gets Over 40 Million Views

A 2015 video of children narrating the Christmas story has resurfaced and gone viral… again! The adorable video is produced by Southland Christian Church in Kentucky. Since spreading yet again this Christmas season, the video has surpassed the 40 million mark on Facebook. In the video, kids from the church tell their version of the […]

Christian University Pulls Of Epic #MannequinChallenge

Liberty University is one of the best known Christian Universities in the world. This week, the university’s Office of Spiritual Development shared a video of an massive crowd in an auditorium doing the viral #MannequinChallenge. The epic feat seemed to take place in the middle of a concert! In less than a week, their stunt […]

‘Chewbacca Mask Lady’ Speaks About Fame At Youth Conference

If you’ve not seen her video online, you might want to check if you may have been living under a rock! Candace Payne is now an official record holder for having the most views on a live Facebook video. The 37-year-old mother put up a simple video of herself in her car showing her friends […]