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Watch Elderly Woman’s Amazing Rendition of ‘How Great Is Our God’

follow One woman’s amazing saxophone rendition of “How Great Is Our God” has been making its rounds online. The man behind the video Jon Owen was visiting a church when the talented lady performed the song. Sadly, he couldn’t find out who it was, neither did he reveal where the church is. “I don’t know who […]

Christian Producer Arranges Heart-Warming Disney Medley

click here Christian producer, Jamey Ray’s arrangement of a medley of Disney songs have hit almost half a million views on YouTube. Jamey is currently a vocal arranger, producer and music director for the group Seven. Jamey’s credits include being involved in music arrangements for Broadway productions, television shows, even an American Idol runner-up and unsurprisingly, the ‘Disney Voices of […]

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Appropriate Church Dance Countdown Goes Viral

go to site Who would have thought that a simple 5-minute church service countdown video would go viral?! A video made by Church Fuel from their series, themed “Mornings with Jesus,” has been making its rounds on social media. The countdown, produced by John MeLton of Gorilla, shows Evan Koons ‘performing’ different bible-themed stories like “David and Goliath” or […]