NC Experience: ‘Give Careful Thought To Your Ways’

source link On the last week of June, a few university friends and I went to Sibu, Sarawak to attend NC (which stands for National Conference and organized by Fellowship of Evangelical Students (FES)), along with 360 other students from various campuses and denominations. It was truly an eye-opening experience and yet another milestone in my journey […]

Counting My Blessings and Lessons This Thanksgiving

http://makse.com/?kremel=senior-dating-websites-free&904=e9 Thanksgiving has always been something I’ve been curious about as it’s not a ‘holiday’ celebrated here in Malaysia. The name of the holiday itself implies that it is a time people can reflect and be thankful for what has happened throughout the year (the origins of the holiday has its roots from American history, however. You can Google it). 2016 […]

Hillsong NY Pastor Chats With Oprah About Faith on TV

tastylia supplier Pastor Carl Lentz, from Hillsong New York City, was Oprah’s special guest on ‘Super Soul Sunday’ show last week. The show is one of Oprah’s big hit on her OWN network. On Super Soul Sunday, the unconventional pastor Carl sat down to talk to the TV mogul about life and faith. “I think the premise […]

111-Year-Old Gets Nearly 10 Million Views Reciting Psalm

opcje binarne na czym polega A Facebook video of 111-year-old North Carolina resident, Hester Ford, has received nearly 10 million views! The matriarch was being interviewed on a television network for her birthday by reporter, Kristen Hampton, when Hester did something sweetly impressive for age. “Time has taken its toll on Mrs. Ford, but one thing remains intact and untouched by […]

Living With A ‘Holy Discontent’ & Pursue More For Revival

watch “My fear is that our people will become content to live without the fire, the power, the excitement, the supernatural element that makes us great.” John Wesley That attitude… being content to exist without real dynamism, devoid of power, no church growth, a complete lack of the miraculous, no explosion of evangelism… that attitude is […]

Ravi Zacharias Tells Of God’s Love in Testimony

click Well known Christian author and speaker, Ravi Zacharias, told his testimony of salvation during a recent sermon. The sermon excerpt, titled, “God Is Chasing You,” was recorded by Life Today TV and posted online last week. In the video, Ravi explains how God’s love is more obvious than it is hidden. He then tells his […]