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The 5 Weeks Away From Home God Used To Draw Me To Him

speed dating gwent From the 28th of December 2015 to 4th February 2016, I attended the Residential Bible School is also known as RBS. This is a five and a half-week school (majority of which was held in Tanah Rata, Cameron Highlands). This school literally cuts you off from the world with the objective of limiting distractions and […]


Singer Michael W. Smith Opens Up About Severe Breakdown

follow link Christian singer, Michael W. Smith, released his album “Hymns II – Shine On Us” last month. In a recent interview to promote his album, Michael shared about how he came into salvation at the young age of 10, with the show’s hosts. “I remember sitting with all my friends and just something happened. It was […]

A Hunger For God

enter I often ask myself this question when I start to find my mind and heart wandering away from God. “How hungry am I for God?” We can’t change the fact that we live in an ever increasingly fast paced world. Our enemy the devil has devised every possible way to get our hearts and minds […]

Zhan Rong’s Testimony

binary options trading sites I was first exposed to Christianity when I was around 6 years old by my aunty and uncle. They brought me to the Sunday School at the Klang Chinese Methodist Church since, my family, who was living in PJ, had been making weekly trips to Klang as my mom was expecting with my sister. So, I […]

We Are Made For Better Things!

http://curemito.org/estorke/2374 The sun was just making its grand entrance, rising majestically from beyond the hillock dotted with tombstones along the road. The darkness that enveloped the world for so many hours now ran helter-skelter as dawn broke triumphantly in a splash of vibrant hues. It was a glorious sight framed by the bedroom window of the […]

If Only…

hombre solo quiere amistad I had just put the phone down after chatting with Robin (not his real name), a friend from my previous place of employment. Just a brief, casual ‘keeping in touch’ chat in response to an e-mail he sent. The conversation ended with the usual casual, “Hey, we must catch up for lunch one of these […]