International Network of Churches

see International Network of Churches International Network of Churches (INC) is a movement that strongly believes in serving God and serving people through leadership, raising leaders throughout the nations to influence our world for Christ. Jesus Christ has commissioned us to go and make disciples. Both leadership and relationship, working together, facilitate this discipling process.

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see We have tremendous leaders in all of our churches.  Deeply committed to the development of individuals into their call and giftings in God, INC aims to provide teaching, coaching and resources specifically designed for this purpose. There is a place for you! We believe that a nation’s wealth and future is not in its banks, its mineral reserves and gold deposits, or its finest tourist destinations, but in its people! You are Welcome in any INC church!
Ashley D Schmierer - INC International President

rencontre ovni avion Ashley D Schmierer, INC International President

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