From King Saul’s Grand Palace to the Wedding Aisle This year started with a bang for me, entering it with a new status and commitment in my relationship to my future bride. However, the journey to this was not an easy one. I had to learn a lot of things and God had to prepare me for what was ahead. The idea of taking this next step forward began at the end of October. I was fearful and uncertain whether or not I was ready. I remember asking God if I was ready to take this next step forward to be someone’s husband. I must admit that I did not pray that intensely because soon my seeking God over this waned and stopped altogether.

source url God however did not forget my question. Last November was suddenly a rough time for Monica (my bride-to-be) and I. To be honest, I was the one being difficult because I became rather sensitive over petty issues such as the long travelling time to her place and I often felt like I had the short end of the bargain! Although God was speaking to me through my devotions (a lot of my devotions was about preparation), I was consumed by my own issues and situations and chose not to listen.

rencontre egypte Eventually Monica and I had to talk things through about what was happening and I learnt to be more honest and share my own feelings with her on even the pettiest of things. And then God finally broke through to me while I was doing one of my assignments. God showed me that after anointing David to be King apparent, He had to bring David into Saul’s palace as the king’s right hand man. This was to prepare him for what was to come. As I made my journal entries, I began to have clarity. I saw how God taught me what it means to live life with someone else and what it means to be a husband through this experience of David’s. Just like how God prepared David by showing him what it means to be a king, He has also showed me what it means to be a husband.

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frau sucht mann in recklinghausen I must say that God has been surprising me all the way in my preparations and sometimes in the funniest of ways (funny incident actually. on the night where I wanted to ask Monica’s dad for his permission to marry her, her dad had already thought about this in the afternoon and initially wanted to help me in preparing my proposal!!)

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