Hillsong NY Pastor Chats With Oprah About Faith on TV

Pastor Carl Lentz, from Hillsong New York City, was Oprah’s special guest on ‘Super Soul Sunday’ show last week.

The show is one of Oprah’s big hit on her OWN network.

On Super Soul Sunday, the unconventional pastor Carl sat down to talk to the TV mogul about life and faith.

“I think the premise of Christianity is looking in the mirror and going ‘I’m not going to make it. I can’t do enough. God I need you’ and in that moment there is a rescue and salvation that you can’t counterfeit in any other way,” he says.

“You have every right where you are right now to turn and talk to God for yourself.”

In the interview, he talks heavily about the subject of Christianity as a relationship rather than jus a religion and also how Jesus is the only and best mediator between God and man.

Watch two snippets below:

— by Joel B. Mohan