LiFEst Review (12 November, 2017)

source url Ps Stephen gave a sermon titled “It’s Now or Never” for the second part of the series “When Heaven Parties”. Scripture was taken from Luke 16:19-31 – a story about the rich man and Lazarus, where three observations can be made:

source url
  1. We do not know who this rich man was
    • No record of his name
    • Not written in the Book of Life
  2. source site We do know where he went
    • A place of torment (v. 23)
    • A place of consciousness
  3. We also know what this man wanted
    • He wanted to pray (v. 24)
    • He wanted to preach (v. 27-28)

enter site Additionally, Ps Stephen shared six things that we can learn from the story:
  1. What happens here sets the stage for eternity.
  2. God placed us in a community for a Divine purpose.
  3. This generation of Christians are responsible for this generation of unbelievers.
  4. We cannot turn the clock back. There will come a time when it will be too late!
  5. There will be a Day of Reckoning. Be prepared to answer!
  6. We are called to be fruitful; not merely faithful!