LiFEst Review (19 February, 2017)

go to link After several reports and reviews were given by the Bethany Council during our annual BLC 2017 (BethanyLIFE Convention), Ps. Stephen took the stage to share on God’s Word, with the title being ‘Why not 2017?’. Ps. Stephen shared based on Joshua 3 & 4 and gave the background of the text.

opcje binarne konto demo bez depozytu For 40 years, the children of Israel walked around the desert because of their lack of faith in God. Now after 40 years, Joshua the new leader brought his people to the brink of the Promised Land. Joshua 4:13 tells us that about 40 thousand prepared for battle as they crossed the plains of Jericho. Ps. Stephen then explained to us that while the Lord acts for us, we would also have to rise up to partner Him just as the 40 thousand men did.

click Joshua 5 tell us that there were enemies in the Promised Land. Therefore, the Israelites had to fight and take possession of the land – it was not a time of relaxing despite the land already being promised to them. Similarly, Ps. Stephen shared that though the church has just settled into Canary Gardens, it is not meant to be a time of relaxation but a time to take possession of the land.

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site de rencontres 14 ans Ps. Stephen also expounded on 1 Thessalonians 2:12, emphasising that this verse does not mean we need to prove ourselves but that there is a kingdom mindset and a way of living that we should follow.

site de rencontre gratuit célibataire rencontre en france - badoo Finally, Ps. Stephen shared on 3 things for us to consider:
  • Heeding our God-given assignment = great Commission and a call to be loyal to your future, not your past
  • This is only the beginning = we cannot settle into our comfort zones
  • This is about focusing on the right things