LiFEst Review (23 July, 2017)

Buy Viagra 150 mg in Huntsville Alabama Ps Clarence Sashi spoke on the topic of “The Power of Forgiveness”, sharing how forgiveness is a directive from God. When Peter asked Jesus how many times he should forgive someone, Jesus replied ‘70×7’ times, which is saying, in other words, to not put a limit on how many times you forgive someone.

opcje binarne komentarze Ps. Clarence also explained that the power of offence is one of the things that breaks relationships as well as keeps us from what God has for us. God’s goal for us isn’t just salvation, but ultimately Christ-likeness. As an integral part of God is being a forgiving and merciful God, what excuse do we then have to withhold mercy from others? Forgiveness is not about justice, but about mercy.

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follow site Ps. Clarence shared 4 points on how we can better forgive someone:

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  1. To be a great giver of forgiveness, we need to be a good recipient of forgiveness from God.
  2. You are not a victim of people’s wickedness, but their weakness.
  3. Forgiveness ultimately benefits you
    • Offence is like a snake bite. The bite doesn’t kill you, it’s the poison that remains in your system
  4. Learn to bless people.
    • Jesus said to love your enemies and pray for those who curse you (Luke 6:28).

kris jenner bruce dating Ps. Clarence then ended his sermon by challenging the congregation to write down the names of people whom they need to forgive in their lives and then to surrender those people to God. This act of surrendering the people to God was symbolized through tossing the list of names into buckets provided in the front.


here Praise God for the freedom over the power of offence in people’s lives that day!

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