LiFEst Review (27 November, 2016)

rencontre celibataire 20 ans Last Sunday, we had Reverend Tryphena Law shared with us on the alternative lifestyle and how to reach out to those who live this lifestyle. She began by challenging the congregation to engage with broken people in grace and truth. She also urged us Christians to always strike a balance between grace and truth as today’s society can be very accepting, which is a strategy of the enemy. 
  • Jesus showed compassion and people flocked towards Him, not away from him
  • Compassion includes respect
2. Effort
  • The lost will not come to us, we have to go to them

click ecc3d305ad62f888382a503cc22bed71 What can we do?

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– Pray
– Intentionally reach out
– Make the needs known 
– Support financially
3. Persistence
  • Never give up pursuing the spiritually lost because they are too valuable to give up
She ended her sermon by saying that what matters most to God is that the one who is lost returns to Him.