LiFEst Review (5 June, 2016) This week’s LiFEst began with brother Joel leading praise and worship with the theme “Remember Him; Worship Him”. Songs such as “Love on the Line” and “Glorious Ruins” were sung as the Holy Communion was distributed, reminding us of Jesus Christ’s sacrifice on the Cross and our victory through Him. Bro. Lyon, the speaker for the day then took the stage with a message on “Church as the Light”, with scripture taken from Matthew 5.

source site He mentioned that what differentiates the Church from other Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) is our identity in God. The Church’s identity is not merely in doing “good works”; it is in our character, which should model the Beatitudes in Matthew 5:3-12.

repas rencontre parents beaux parents rencontres d'astaffort 2013 Salt: Being vs Doing

follow link Jesus called the Church to be the salt of the earth. This then, is a call for us to be:

  • Different
  • God didn’t call us to be “salty”; rather He said that we ARE the salt, which means that we are already different when we made the choice to follow Christ.
  • Influential
  • The Church has to be influential in doing God’s work, and influence is based on character. God uses people as they are, not based on what they can do.

cherche celibataire Light: Being vs Doing

follow link Light does not just dispel darkness, but also reveals what is hidden from it. The Church as the light should be displayed through our character. Our call is then to:

  • Embrace Christ’s Kingship
  • Acknowledge that He is the head of the Church and choose to embrace His Kingship.
  • Embrace Christ’s Life
  • Jesus lived a radical life when He walked the earth – we should too. The Church should live out the call to be the salt and light by:

  • Channelling people to know God the Father
  • Channelling people to glorify God the Father

agence rencontre kiev The reality of the Church today is that we have allowed ungodly character to seep in and define us – bitterness, pride, greed, prejudice etc., rather than letting ourselves be defined by our true identity in and of Christ. There is a need for reflection and aligning our desires with that of Christ.

Bro. Lyon ended the message with a question posed to the Church: What is it that you desire most? as the church sang ‘As bread that is broken, use our lives’ in an affirmative declaration and plea to God to use us, the church, as the light in this world.