LiFEst Review (5 March, 2017)

follow link With Easter Sunday approaching soon, this week’s sermon touched on the earlier stages of Jesus’ journey and subsequent victory over the cross with the topic “It Happened at Bethany – The Story That Will Be Told” by Pastor Stephen.

go Scripture was taken from John 12 and Mark 14, where Jesus went to the house of Mary, Martha and Lazarus in Bethany. From these three individuals, we are able to learn how to honour God in different ways.

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  1. Honour Jesus in your home
    • Homes in Bethany such as this welcomed Jesus
  2. Honour Jesus from your heart
    • Martha honoured Jesus by serving Him from her heart
    • Lazarus honoured Jesus by just being in His Presence
    • Mary’s honouring of Jesus was the main highlight of the passage:
      • She gave her best to Jesus
      • She was not self-conscious in her act of lavish honour
      • She did it despite criticism; her sole focus was on Jesus
      • Her offering filled the house with fragrance. Where there’s a place of worship, there is a fragrance that goes up to God.
  3. Honour Jesus wherever opportunity presents itself[uid]=3406 Jesus’ disciples criticised Mary of her actions. When the opportunity for honouring God comes, we should:
  • Beware of a critical spirit
  • Beware of mistaking discipline for discipleship
  • Beware of being calculative with God
  • Beware of being so near yet so far So how can we honour God in our everyday experience? There are four ways to do so:

  • Consciously welcome Him into your home.
  • Be sensitive to His Presence at all times and spend time with Him.
  • Talk about Him…often!
  • Look for opportunities to honour Him. The more you do; the more conscious you become of all that He is doing!