LiFEst Review (8 January, 2017)

bdswiss app android This week at LiFEst, BethanyLife had the privilege of having Pastor David Nga from Metrochurch, Perth to speak on the topic ‘Are You Usable?’. Pastor David shared that our relationship with God is not meant to be complicated, as the Great Commandment is to love the Lord our God with all our heart, soul and mind. Out of that love births the desire to serve Him daily.

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watch Pastor David then emphasized that our usefulness to God is always about and towards people, and that our faith would always remain fresh as there is no ‘expiry date’ for our faith. The gifts given to us would amount to very little if they are not used for the kingdom of God because our usefulness to God has little to do with ability and everything to do with our availability.

follow site Sharing from the passage of Luke 5:1-6, Pastor David gave 5 points:

  1. enter If we’re going to be usable for God, we have to be launchable
    • Peter received a deep water call for his life. Likewise, there is a deep water call for every person
    • Peter was launchable when he told Jesus “but because You say so, Jesus’
    • God does not compartmentalize different aspects of our life but instead, our relationship with God should overflow into them
  2. rencontre tunisienne Being usable for God sometimes mean saying YES even when we do not agree
    • Peter initially did not want to let down his nets again but still agreed to obey Jesus
    • Are we giving Jesus the right to direct our lives?
  3. conto demo trading binario Being usable means going ahead with what God says even when it doesn’t make sense
    • Our experience can sometimes be the enemy to us following God
    • Peter was an experienced fisherman who did not catch any fish overnight but nevertheless, he listened to Jesus and let down his nets
  4. We have to be ready for God to stretch our faith
    • Just as a muscle builder needs to progressively carry heavier weights for muscles to grow, our faith has to be stretched for us to grow
  5. We have to be ready to do some work
    • Peter was already done for the day and washing his nets when Jesus came
    • Hence it wasn’t easy for Peter to let down the nets again when Jesus asked him to
    • Good works are an expression and an overflow of our faith and love for God, as good works without faith is dead and vice versa (James 2:17)

binära optioner risk Pastor David then shared that the miracle comes after we have done what God asked just as Peter and the fishermen experienced (“And when they have done this”). In closing, he prayed for everyone for courage and clarity to launch their deep water calling as the church declared that ‘God is Able’.