follow link LifeZone is the best opportunity for anyone to experience the heartbeat of BethanyLIFE.

come investire del denaro It’s a great way to connect with people and develop genuine relationships in a small group setting.

Where to get money for recycle magazines Your interests, background, age doesn’t matter! We have LifeZones for anyone and everyone.

see LifeZones are held in homes for that cosy setting, where we have a great time of fellowship, fun, learning together (and of course, eating)! Please feel free to visit one of our LifeZones or contact us to know which LifeZone is most suitable for you.

source link LifeZone happens every Friday at 8:30pm We currently hold 5 LifeZones and they are:

  • Grace-Seekers
  • Eagles
  • Autobots of God (young, working adults)
  • Glory-Hailers (young adults, college & university students)
  • Super-Troopers (secondary school students) So we warmly welcome you to join us and SLOT IN!

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