NFL Superstar, Tim Tebow, Tells About ‘John 3:16’ Story

follow url On a recent talk show episode, former NFL player, Tim Tebow, told host, Harry Connick Jr. about an amazing story Tim wrote about in his newly-released book, “What God Says About You: Believing in Yourself When Others Don’t. An intrigued Harry listened in as the Christian athlete shared how during a college championship game in 2009, he wore ‘John 3:16’ on his face. It turns out, by doing just that, Tim, who was gaining fame at the time, got over 90 million people who tuned in to google the Bible verse. Exactly 3 years later, after a crucial win for his team, Tim was in a press conference when his “PR guy,” Patrick, came running towards him to let him know something even more incredible.

enter He was told that not only was it the anniversary of the day he wore ‘John 3:16’ on his face, but the statistics of the crucial game reflected the verse. (Eg: Tim threw for 316 yards, the rating for the game was 31.6, the time of possession was 31.6 and etc).

“Many people will say coincidence; I say Big God,” Tim told Harry.

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