‘The Voice’ Contestant Sings Sunday School Classic on Stage

Brian Nhira is competing in this season of ‘The Voice’ (US).

How he got through the his blind audition, however, will excite anyone who has ever gone for Sunday School.

In his pre-tape recording, Brian shared that his parents were originally from Zimbabwe but moved to the United States to further their studies.

His parents now serve as travelling missionaries back at Africa, while Brian serves as a worship leader at his local church.

Brian took to the reality TV competition stage and sang one of the judges’, Pharrell’s hit song “Happy”.

He impressed the judges but only two turned around for him – country artiste, Blake Shelton, and Pharrell, himself!

As the judges questioned Brian about his background, Pharrell asked him when he started singing.

Brian replied that he had been singing since he was four years old and “Jesus Loves Me” was the first song he sung.

Cue his performance of the Sunday School classic, which Pharrell called “a beautiful rendition”.

Watch Brian Nhira’s blind audition here…